The never-ending quest to look less punter-ish

All girls like new stuff. Any excuse right?

Well I had a good excuse. I came out to do a ski season without realising the importance of slope fashion. Or the serious amounts of snobbery attached to being, and most importantly looking like, a seasonaire and not a ‘punter’. It’s pretty much the biggest insult we can give each other haha!

Now, before you call me shallow for paying any attention to such sillyness, just consider that snow sports are like a religion for most people out here. It’s taken seriously, it’s a whole lifestyle, and that includes what you wear. Also consider that you wear your gear for like five hours everyday. For five months. Consider that everyone has their ‘colours’, their unique outfit, their personality encapsulated in one colourful display. Consider also that whatever you wear takes an absolute pounding throughout the season, so it pays to have quality.

Then throw me into the mix, sliding around like bambi on ice in a thirty pound Sports Direct jacket and second hand sallies with giant retro blue knee patches. Not only was I clumsy, I also looked pretty special. And, funnily enough, this didn’t give me a great deal of confidence on the slopes. As sad as it may be, if you have confidence in what you’re wearing, you have the confidence to push yourself. Because even if you bail epically, at least you’ll still LOOK cool. That, and I didn’t really want to draw any more attention to myself by trying to do new stuff- the blue knee patches did that for me.

So, yes, an epic shop HAD to occur.

I will now share said purchases with you. It’s a girl thing. We like to share. Especially shopping achievements.

Ok, so lets start at the beginning.

Like any logical female would, I decided to build an outfit around my hat.

Pretty much the only thing I came out with that I really liked.

So naturally, a purple theme developed. That’s cool, its my favourite colour.

First up, a new jacket. I saw a girl wearing one and then found it online.

Hello you sexy O’Neil number!

Next, new gloves. Let’s balance the purple here and go black, I figured.


Then the biggie, replacing these sexy things…

It was quite a mission getting the right shade of purple to match the jacket. I did a splurgey and ended up buying these in resort and not online, simply because you just cannot tell if A purple will be THE purple from a picture.

I’m a little bit in love with them. Its all about pastels right?

And theyre fur lined!! Mmmm.

Finally, goggles. Now this one was tough. This one was also going to be an investment. I must have spent days looking at different ones online, but in the end I went for these SICK Oakleys.

Again, a little bit in love.

So, ski outfit finally complete! Yes!

Ironically, I got moved to a different resort for a fortnight literally days before these arrived in Val Thorens. GUTTED. I was itching to get my hands on them from Alpe D’Huez!

So naturally I placated myself with some new shoes!

Mmmmmmm. They so fluffly I could DIE! [Despicable Me quote. If you didn’t get it, youre not cool].

More monies gone, but this one actually had to happen- my £30 Karrimor snow boots had died a leaky, uncomfortable, death. Still, they managed a third of the season, which is quite impressive for something you purchase from Sport Soccer. Buy cheap, buy twice, right?

So, like Cinderella when she meets her fairy god-mother, I have been transformed.

Here’s a cheeky before and after.

Ummm… remind you of anything?

Oh yes!

If ever I’m meeting someone it’s a case of, ‘look out for a giant grape falling down the slope’.

Perhaps I’ve gone overboard. But I LOVE it. Its good to make a statement.

Next dilemma, purple or black helmet?

I need to buy one of these STAT. I want to do more off-piste-ing, and going helmet-less is not a good idea when there could be skull-crushing rocks tucked away under that oh-so-fluffy powder. And when you’re just generally as clumsy as me.

Aside from that, now I can actually ski, I’m even more of a reckless nutcase. I’m only too aware that as I pick up more and more speed every day I go out, should I stack it and take a ski to the back of my bonce, its pretty much game over.

Morbid thoughts and shopping exploits aside, what else is new?

Well, I enjoyed my third consecutive week out of my normal resort, and this time I was loving life in Val Thorens.

Another epic apartment none the less, overlooking one of my favourite lifts- Peclet.

Stunning views eh.

Should be at 500+ for the week. Cheers Ski France.

And another week sleeping in a hole. A bigger hole though!

I had a lot of fun in Val Thorens, because unlike Les Menuires, there is actual LIFE there. Okay that’s a bit harsh. But Les Menuires is definitely a quiet family resort with limited partying opportunities. And its big and spread out, with limited meet-other-seasonaire opportunities.

So Val Tizzle provided me with copious ski fun…

A nice amount of partying…

And a cheeky visit from Corcheval based Danielle!

Naturally we got stuck into some apres action together…

Danielle and I studied together at Bournemouth, she was part of my team for a set of cheesy marketing pitches in our final weeks, and now we’re both in the Three Valleys chalet hosting it up!

Here we are loving life at graduation together. Feels like a million years ago!

Oh yes.

I think we are both definitely loving life a bit more over a beer, in the sun, at the roof of Europe, oh-so-aware that we are literally living the dream.

Its true, now the skiing has clicked for me, its all I want to do. I’ve got the bug bad!

When I come in from skiing, it’s all about… where tomorrow?

I guess I’ve also realised that people pay a fortune to come out here for a week, and yet I live here, I do this everyday!

I’ve got a free lift pass, free food, free accommodation, free ski hire, £75 a week spending money… plus tips….. and all I have to do for that is hang out with tourists a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening and throw dinner parties for them! Happy days!

And so, I am literally head over heels in love with life right now. Sickening isn’t it.

Even if it is minus 20 and I’ve got a stinking cold…. Pft. Who cares. If I wasn’t here, chances are I would be sat at a desk in London… and I thank my lucky stars every single day that I’m not. No, I’m skiing down mountains in the sun all day!

The moral is, if you want to make something epic happen, then just make it happen. No one else will do it for you.

So let’s see what La Plagne – another new resort for me- holds in store for me this week!

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