The journey begins with Amy and I in Dubrovnik.

We hire a car. A sexy yet strong Astra.

We name her Anya after our friend from camp with similar qualities.

We pick up Charlotte.

And Sexy Dan (aka Bowen, aka Bo-Bo, Aka Daniel).

Amy and I settle in, the drivers have arrived.

We drive from Croatia, through Bosnia (Trebinje, Mostar, Sarejavo), then through Montenegro (Tara Canyon, Durmitor National Park, Podgorica, Kotor, Budva, Bar, Ulcinje, Cetinje, Lake Skhroda).

On the way, aside from sweating through the seats, we take touristy pictures at border crossings.

We eat too many Burerks (delicious pastry filled with cheese… nom).

We pull over to hug enormous haystacks at the side of the road.

We sleep.

We muck about with silly pictures.

We drive along some incredibly impressive roads.

I undertake some light exercise running to the toilet.

We have a laugh despite the pretty much relentless 35 degree heat.

This is our adventure…

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