It took all of a day to get myself set up here. Yep. That’s right, one day. And the best part… I found a bright, clean, spacious Chiang Mai apartment with an enormous pool, AND mountain views, for GBP £100 p/m. Say whaaaat?!

It’s unreal value. Fancy an exclusive peek inside? Course you do.

You can read about the details of all my expenditures, specifically in getting set up, and full breakdowns of my Chiang Mai apartment costs, right here. Each week I’ll be baring all financially (and otherwise!) and posting a budget for every.little.outgoing.

Quite the commitment, but I NEED to be held publicly accountable for every last noodle. I am not pulling ya leg when I say… I have £300 in my bank account.

That is, I’m overdrawn an untypeable amount…. and I have £300 remaining of this overdraft.

But you didn’t just read that, Mum and Dad. Fear not, I’m a smart girl, and I can do this. (Actually, I already am, having just landed my first two freelance writing jobs today! Both ongoing contracts. But that’s a separate post of aggressive stoked-ness).

On that note, you can soon read all about exactly WHY I have made the move out here, and just what the future holds for me…. besides losing myself in the all-consuming romance of playing the ‘destitute writer’ in the tropics. Sigh, isn’t it wonderful to be penniless and on a passionate adventure into the unknown. Right…?

Either way, it’s exciting chasing your dreams (and framing them heroically when you should be questioning your sanity)!

Stay tuned, this girl has big things planned.

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