Life lessons from my ipod

This will be a cheesy post.

life lessons fro my ipod


Because I’ve just run 10km through paradise and I’m buzzing my absolute b-cups off.

Wherever I travel, I try to run.

running on cocos

I think about my future as my feet hit the ground.

I throw my thoughts at the bush stars, or I bounce my ideas off palm leaves.

I sink my determinations into mountain ice, or tropical sand, or red outback dust, or park grass, or city tarmac.

It matters not where I am; I carry my sweaty determinations with me everywhere.

life lessons from my ipod

Beach sunset run in Broome, WA


I get out my tree with endorphins, and my thoughts become drunk with aspiration.

Usually about ten minutes into a good run, nature dumps her drugs in my bloodstream.

The music swims from my ears to my pumping heart, propelling bass right into my muscles, which rises up to meet nature’s euphoria like a cresting wave. This crashing surge of electro breaks upon a beach of pure adrenaline, and all I can hear is the roaring tide of my fierce thoughts.

In this moment, I could take on the world.

It is the clarity of a racing heart and pumping muscles. It is a headlong sprint into a million exploding aspirations: I am a strong, powerful woman, I am a force to be reckoned with, and I can achieve anything I damn well want to.

But it is the music too. Flowing like an oxygen-rich life-blood, pumping through my veins as if it carries the endorphins themselves. Synth like honey. Beats to echo your pulse. Lyrics to pull you upwards. It feels like when oil mingles with water- silken and beautiful and utterly mesmerizing. A slick swirl of drunken colour.

So I enjoy my runs. I’m sure I’m not alone- endorphins are unreal and I can’t be the only addict! Do you love it?

Into this pulsing arena of rhythm and adrenaline, do you let your thoughts tumble upwards into dizzying heights? Do you stare at the horizon and think of everything you are going to achieve this year? This month? This week? This country? I do. It keeps me motivated, and it keeps me sane.

After every run, I am focused, determined, and a little bit fitter for the fight.

And life IS a fight, make no mistake.

But it is a fight against yourself. Against your apathy, your negativity, your fears, your laziness, your conformity, your lack of self-belief and your lack of imagination. You gotta fight these things! Be on your guard! You are the only one stopping yourself from doing anything.

Our insecurities are sneaky lil buggers, and our fears will rob us blind if we don’t watch out. Apathy stalks us in the night, and comparison is the thief of our joy. Ninja these fears into nothingness with a huge dose of chemical positivity- endorphins.

Here are three songs that I run to, which inspire me, which I felt like sharing my musings on. Enjoy….

life lessons from my ipod


I’m breaking a sweat (it’s all right)

Whenever this comes on, my face is like a tomato and my breath is running out. Im sweating. But I love to hear this song, it makes me pick up my feet and pump my legs a little faster. Usually I have a little burst of a sprint.


It tells me that it’s okay to be a right royal sweaty betty in life. It’s okay to break a sweat for the things we want.

In fact, we SHOULD break a sweat for the things we want.

Life is 99% perspiration. If you’re not sweating it out, you’re not trying hard enough.

So what do you want to achieve? And then make sure you’re sweating for it. Not always physically- just make sure you try hard. Put in the time, the effort, the planning, to achieve your goals.

Real effort is not pretty- it is sweaty armpits, a red face and a dubious aroma. Get gross for your dreams.

Basically, if you go for a run and you don’t even break a sweat, then you probably won’t see much of a result. Life is the same. If you want something dreamy but you don’t even break a sweat trying to get it, then you probably never will.

So work hard! Make things happen for yourself. Break a sweat. See results.

Skrillex: Aspire to perspire!


What are you waiting for? Just surrender here tonight

Who doesn’t love a bit of Pendulum as they run? This one really has me buzzing, every time. It’s a staple part of my run- especially good at sunset although I couldn’t really say why.


The inspiration in this lyric is twofold. The challenge, what are you waiting for?, basically says to me that life is short. Whatever you want to do, do it, and do it now.

Because now is the time. Quit waiting. Really, what ARE you waiting for? The same excuses you use today will still be there tomorrow.

We are the procrastination generation. We can’t get off Facebook. We live in the realms of ‘one day’. We have plans but no actions.

There’s no way round this, except simply doing it, and doing it now. Put on your big girl pants and chase what you want! Because tomorrow never comes, but regret certainly will. So don’t just watch your life slip through your fingers… book that ticket! Get on that plane! Ask that hot guy for his number. Who CARES what the outcome is, you gotta live!

Which leads me nicely to the second lil inspiration- just surrender here tonight. What does this say to me? It says… quit stressing about outcomes, and just give yourself over to the beautiful chaos of life.

When I lived in the outback on a cattle station (which I still have to write about! Slapped wrist), I used to finish a 12-14 hour day and then go for a 5k run under the stars. It was stunning. I was fuelled by the shining moon and a diet of fresh steak. I would look at the stars and see them for what they are- beautiful chaos.

I would question why people feel the need to make meaning, to draw constellations, to see patterns up there? Just look up and see the wider picture, the entire night sky, for what it is: chaos. Beautiful, beautiful chaos.

And this is like life. Stop trying to make it fit a pattern. Stop trying to squeeze it into pre-determined meanings.

Instead, hold your hands up and throw yourself backwards into the feathery pit of ‘what will be, will be’.

I do not mean be apathetic, not by a long stretch.

I mean make an active decision to open yourself up to life. To say yes. To dive headfirst into the universe’s delightful whims with reckless abandon. To embrace the pandemonium, and laugh with fevered delight when things get wild.

Wild is fun. Wild is alive. Wild writes stories, and wild weaves a golden tapestry of memories.

This has been one of my favourite changes to witness in myself- I love seeing how calm I can be about life these days. I never panic or stress when I travel. I talk to absolutely everyone without reserve. I consider all proposals. I don’t make plans, preferring to just ‘see what happens’. The sky is the limit, and I never know what (or who) will happen next.

What do I aspire to be? A beautiful mess. Just like the stars; resplendent in chaos, triumphant in discordia. Alive.

It has opened up some fun doors for me, and it feels incredible to just ‘go with the flow’- like I am totally at one with the universe and highly attuned to my intuitions. No dramas. No hassle. What will be, will be.

What does this mean in practice?

This means no stressing when things go wrong. Things will always go wrong, but how you deal with it is completely in your control.

It means not getting angry when people let you down. People will always let you down, but if you accept that you cannot control this and it is nothing to do with you, then you will see it as a life lesson instead of a personal affront.

It means not freaking out when you’re late, or you lose things, or you’re lost. So what. Is the world going to end? No, you’ll be alright, and next time you’ll be smarter.

It means learning to let disasters roll off your shoulders. Learning to laugh at your troubles. It means jumping in without reserve, to saying yes.

It means accepting life’s beautiful paradox: that you are master of your own fate, and yet, you are in control of nothing.

So surrender to the adventure inherent in the beautiful chaos we call living…. And watch the fun begin.

Pendulum: Do it now, and do it with reckless abandon


Ask me what I did with my life? I spent it with you

This is a wind down song, and it’s about having conviction in your choices. Your life choices are entirely your own, they define you, you spend your life with them, and at the end of your days, they will be ‘what you did with your life’. All the things you can fit inside a memory.


I assume the lyrics here refer to a person, and that is a beautiful thing. If you are lucky enough to have found someone to spend your life with, then that in itself is an adventure. Is it your only adventure? It doesn’t really matter, as long as you are happy with that. Love is an adventure.

Conversely, what I hear in this song, is that I have given myself to travel for the time being.

I have given myself to my passions.

Ask me what I did with my life? I spent it with you, adventure.

I spent it with travel. I spent it with the unknown. I sing this to all those things I am in love with, because right now it is not another person that defines me and galvanises my life story- it is my passions. And this is just as beautiful a thing, as those of you that have a life partner.

For now, my life partner is the road. And right now any guy I meet would have to be happy playing second best to that. Such has been the case with previous relationships- ‘Will you come? Because, um, I’m going with or without you’. I think I am too in love with my freedom to be in love with anyone else. My independence is my most valued asset.

And this is okay, for now! I refuse to be told that I should be settling down, that I ‘need’ a boyfriend. Pfft. And don’t let anyone tell you that either, no matter how many marriages are in your news feed these days, no matter how many babies are popping out all over the shop, no matter how ‘old’ you are starting to feel.

It’s more than okay to be mid-twenties and single, it’s bloody fantastic! I am my own person, and when I do find that special guy that’s insane enough to tolerate my chaos, I will know myself fully and be able to give myself fully. (Who am I kidding? I scare all the boys away with my wild dancing and lack of make-up anyway) (A very deliberate filter).

So who, or what, are you spending your life with? Who, or what, have you given yourself to? If I ask you what you did with your life, will you be happy?

Love, passion and conviction are essential. Believe in the life you lead, in the choices you make. If you don’t, then maybe its time to make a break for something new.

Clavin Harris Vs Duke Dumont: Spend your life with what you love


Okay, that’s enough cheese for one day.

life lessons from my ipod

I wear mosquito bites instead of make-up, yes.



To summarise, what are the life lessons from my ipod?


life lessons from my ipod


WORK HARD. Break a sweat to chase what you want.

JUST DO IT. Do it now, and do it without reserve.

HAVE CONVICTION. Give yourself to what you love.



So keep running the good run. Be fit, be healthy, and be empowered to chase what you want.

I leave you with one of my favourite wind-down mashups.


Remember: you can take inspiration to push yourself from anywhere!


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6 Responses to Life lessons from my ipod

  1. John Pierce August 16, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

    ‘I think I am too in love with my freedom to be in love with anyone else. My independence is my most valued asset’.

    I still think like that. At the age of 37.

    • Mel August 26, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

      Perhaps itchy feet and a strong will is something that never leaves us, we just have to find someone to share that with…

  2. pearl jolly/pretty mayhem September 2, 2014 at 5:19 am #

    Hi Mel, I just found your blog via the Beyond Blogging forum and I just wanted to say that I really love it. Also thanks for sharing that remix of ‘I got u’, it’s a great version!

    • Mel September 2, 2014 at 8:29 am #

      Thanks Pearl! So glad you like it! And oh, I am always on the hunt for some fresh tunes :)

  3. Nelson Mochilero November 13, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    Great post!
    I also run listening Skrillex!

    • Mel November 18, 2014 at 2:18 pm #

      Thanks Nelson! Skrillex = awesome.

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