Chiang Mai weekly budget: Cheap Tuesday #5

chiang mai budget

Chiang Mai weekly budget: This week, naughty

Something incredibly amusing happened this week, whereby I spent my predicted monthly budget in a week. Yes, I have parted with a whopping £250 ish this week.

However, £100 of that is rent, for all of July. Unavoidable- a girl needs a bed and roof.

chiang mai budget

The rest is one might call an enormous ‘oops’ moment, and I explain it as the culmination of several ‘f*ck it’ moments.

The big one is a new phone, £100 ish. Mine got stolen last week and wah wah wah but it was killing me not to have one.

So thats £50 odd on living. That really is an oops.

Okay, the truth…

If you really must know- and I’m sorry to share such details- something rather bad happened in my guts this week. That is, I dropped them. Repeatedly. I will divulge more below (literally), but suffice it to say that my appetite for cheap street food has come to a very undignified end.


Chiang Mai weekly budget #5: where did my clams go?

Monday 6th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Rent 5200 £100.00 $200.00 $152.94
Chicken + rice 30 £0.58 $1.15 $0.88
Smoothie 30 £0.58 $1.15 $0.88
Coconut drink 60 £1.15 $2.31 $1.76
3 x mangoes 55 £1.06 $2.12 $1.62
Total 5375 £103.37 $206.73 $158.09
Tuesday 7th ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
Coffee at work space 50 £0.96 $1.92 $1.47
Iced latte 90 £1.73 $3.46 $2.65
Cake 50 £0.96 $1.92 $1.47
Chicken curry 30 £0.58 $1.15 $0.88
Total 220 £4.23 $8.46 $6.47
Wednesday 8th ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
Milk for weeks breky 55 £1.06 $2.12 $1.62
Teabags 70 £1.35 $2.69 $2.06
Lunch salad 22 £0.42 $0.85 $0.65
Toiletries 50 £0.96 $1.92 $1.47
Yoga 100 £1.92 $3.85 $2.94
Total 297 £5.71 $11.42 $8.74
Thursday 9th ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
Salad concept 210 £4.04 $8.08 $6.18
Water refill 10 £0.19 $0.38 $0.29
Large Heineken beer 120 £2.31 $4.62 $3.53
Baileys on the rocks 120 £2.31 $4.62 $3.53
Local shot 50 £0.96 $1.92 $1.47
Corn on the cob x 2 25 £0.48 $0.96 $0.74
Snacks 50 £0.96 $1.92 $1.47
Total 585 £11.25 $22.50 $17.21
Friday 10th ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
Iced latte 90 £1.73 $3.46 $2.65
Rice + chicken lunch 40 £0.77 $1.54 $1.18
Ice cream 15 £0.29 $0.58 $0.44
Walnut + bree salad 225 £4.33 $8.65 $6.62
Total 370 £7.12 $14.23 $10.88
Saturday 11th ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
Western brekky + latte 220 £4.23 $8.46 $6.47
National Park entry 300 £5.77 $11.54 $8.82
Fuel 100 £1.92 $3.85 $2.94
Lunch rice + chicken 60 £1.15 $2.31 $1.76
Soft drink 15 £0.29 $0.58 $0.44
Total 695 £13.37 $26.73 $20.44
Sunday 12th ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
New phone 5299 £101.90 $203.81 $155.85
4.5gb 3g data + unlim wifi 420 £8.08 $16.15 $12.35
Latte 50 £0.96 $1.92 $1.47
Lunch half grilled chicken 80 £1.54 $3.08 $2.35
Total 5849 £112.48 $224.96 $172.03
Week #3 ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
TOTAL 13391 £254.58 $531.39 $393.85



My bad, but I can’t do without a phone

My wonderful nan in England sent me some birthday money- £100- and I used that to buy a new phone. It”s a bit rubbish, because I would rather put the money to rent… but after getting my state of the art i-phone 4 stolen on my birthday (have fun with that technology, idiot), it was sort of unavoidable.

Judge me all you want for that decision, but running a blog and working online requires almost full-time devotion to the online world and social media. I tried to muddle by for a few days and just couldn’t do it. I got major FOMO at being unconnected,and dont even get me started on being apart from Google Maps. So whatever, I’m an evil ignorant millennial. We are all products of our time right? And a phone is so much more than a phone these days. Discuss.

Anyway, £100 bought me a 13mp camera phone running the latest android stuff. I bought a strange cheap Thai brand called a ‘Pro 5′, and its actually pretty wonderful. This is the first new phone I’ve had in YEARS, and it is making my online work so so so much easier I can’t even tell you. So thankyou, Gran (who struggles to work the VCR, so will likely never comprehend the extent of my gratitude).

Also, I paid my phone bill for the month- £8ish for 4.5gb of data and unlimted wifi at hotspots. Who wants to skype?

chiang mai budget


Toilet trauma

So let’s address that £50ish on random expenses…

chiang mai budget

As I said, it suddenly became very hard to stomach cheap street food, and so I have started spending more to eat at high-quality places. When I want to eat at all, which has not been much recently.

I figured I was fine, one month in. But apparently my body has officially decided: enough is enough.

Alas, I can only describe this week as an exorcism of the anus.

Such lexicon is likely why I’m single. Sorry boys, girls actually do poo. Rather enthusiastically, it turns out, when fuelled by the formidable spicy aggressions of Thai cuisine.

What does this have to do with budget?

Everything. You try eating 30 baht deep fried chicken (fried in what? A question one must never dwell upon) and clumpy dont-know-how-long-youve-been-sat-there rice… when you’ve been up at 3am every morning, for a week, staggering to the bathroom for earth shattering movements that scare you (sh*tless) with their machine gun ferocity.

Not just at home, actually. There have been times, oh so many times, that I have had to do the hideous clenched-butt-waddle across vast distances. It is a very unique slice of hell.

Only those that have suffered a similar fate will know what I am talking about, but there really is no decision quite like it. It’s literally a life or death conundrum- do I run for speed, or do I clench for protection?

The panicked result is a devilish mixture of the two, where one contorts their body with delirious spasms, breaks out in a cold sweat, and performs an inconspicuous clench-waddle-run; staggering to porcelain salvation in a montage of agonising convulsions.

Life on the edge, ladies and gents.


And some fun

But it’s not all been grotesque. There has been much fun this past week, and I find myself wanting to spend more now I have a meagre freelance income. Cue some national park fun and some pre-lavish-brekky hikes!

chiang mai budget  chiang mai budget

And after that epic nature fix, I really REALLY need to write a proper update on my life here. There is one in the works, so stay tuned… I promise no more gruesome gastronomical sagas (the more expensive western food is working, as it happens, so I’m well on the mend).

This week: Smashing the freelance articles to earn next months rent. And staying away from chilli, obvs.

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9 Responses to Chiang Mai weekly budget: Cheap Tuesday #5

  1. Michael July 15, 2015 at 5:04 am #

    4.5gb 3g data + unlimited wifi: Are you with True or AIS? I have a SIM for each and would love to know the codes you enter to get that deal! As always, great post!

    • Mel July 16, 2015 at 6:52 am #

      Thanks bud. Yeah im with AIS. its their 399 baht deal (with vat 420) which gives 4.5gb of data and then the wifi is just at thier hotpsots… so like at camp (but i also use it at Wake Up). No codes, just rock up at the store and ask for the bundle. And then they text you your wifi logins.

  2. Maddy July 14, 2015 at 5:36 pm #

    Hahahahaha. This post is fabulous.

    (hope you feel better!)

    • Mel July 16, 2015 at 6:53 am #

      Thanks! I do feel much better!

  3. Shobha July 14, 2015 at 5:05 pm #

    ROTFL. I recognise the dilemma well – run or clench.

    • Mel July 16, 2015 at 6:54 am #

      I know right?! Haha hopefully im off the hook for a while!

  4. Kane July 14, 2015 at 4:58 pm #

    oh i forgot to say I’ve lived in Thailand a lot over the years and Chiang Mai is like a second home to me. Go CM!

  5. Kane July 14, 2015 at 4:55 pm #

    Ha! Love the blog. I live in Asia half the time. I have done so for the last 5 years. Been visiting Asia regularly for 13 years. I usually travel cheap. It sounds like you’re not being careful with water maybe? Or one of the places you’re eating at is suspect. I will eat almost anywhere but only if it’s busy, and I stay away from mobile food carts. It’s not the cheap food that’s doing this to you, its some questionable choices I think. Either that or travellers diarrhea. Travellers diarrhea will settle down in time. Questionable choices usually do too (one way or another ha ha). So don’t give up on street food just yet. I have eaten at thousands of places that would make most 1st worlders recoil in horror. I’ve only had food poisoning once and that was at a 5 star resort in 2002. Thanks for writing!

    • Mel July 16, 2015 at 6:57 am #

      Thanks Kane. Some great advice- thanks for commenting! Its not so much the street food per se, rather I think the types of oils they use and the fats etc. Im a very into healthy eating normally so its not sitting too well with me! But onwards and upwards… and I’m being a bit more careful now! :)

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