Chiang Mai Expenses: week 7

chiang mai expenses

My cheap Tuesdays are proving to be anything but! But this is okay, because collectively I want the posts to demonstrate a kind of journey through spending.

Obviously at the beginning I was smashing it with some killer cheap weeks, and thats  a fun challenge for a while.

And then it gets a bit old and you have to start making some changes and relaxing a little.

Like living anywhere in the world, the key is to live within your means. Mine do remain meagre, but as the freelance money starts to trickle in (and I do mean trickle), I have allowed myself a few small luxuries.

The challenge is no longer to spend as little as possible; more to try and create the life I want for myself here.

chiang mai expenses


Chiang Mai expenses: Where did my clams go this week?

I had a few more big costs this week; namely I bought a few bits on Monday to enable me to cook for myself after I purchased a little stove off my friend last week.

I got a puncture in my bicycle, and obviously went and bought the wrong pump *face palm*.

I also splashed out on a few more high-end food places … though relative to the actual cost in £ its still cheap!

Otherwise I’m living off groceries every day and cooking at home. Some oats and soy milk for brekky usually, and then some eggs and veggies for dinner!

My biggest expense was a gym membership for the month, at £28. This is mainly for the classes, as my usual yoga teacher has gone back to the States for a few weeks.

chiang mai expenses

Also I bought it for my sanity, as I’m actually really struggling to adjust to the lack of outdoor sports here.

I know, I know, life is what you make it. But this isnt somewhere I feel I can just get up and bash out a 10k, living as I do right on top of a busy street… and without a scooter I find myself feeling quite claustrophobic and unhealthy, so an exercise class a day should get those endorphins pumping once again… and give me some much needed structure in my coffee-shop life.

Without further ado, here are the details:

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Monday 20th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Taxis 120 £2.26 $4.80 $3.53
New headphones 150 £2.83 $6.00 $4.41
Cooking utensils / pans 400 £7.55 $16.00 $11.76
Bike pump 250 £4.72 $10.00 $7.35
Shampoo 100 £1.89 $4.00 $2.94
Conditioner 100 £1.89 $4.00 $2.94
Coffee at work space 50 £0.94 $2.00 $1.47
Corn kernals to make popcorn 44 £0.83 $1.76 $1.29
Pizza dinner 110 £2.08 $4.40 $3.24
Total 1324 £24.98 $52.96 $38.94
Tuesday 21st ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Water refill 5 £0.09 $0.20 $0.15
7/11 coffee 18 £0.34 $0.72 $0.53
Groceries 150 £2.83 $6.00 $4.41
Total 173 £3.33 $6.65 $5.09
Wednesday 15th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Latte at work space 65 £1.25 $2.50 $1.91
Vegetarian Lunch 95 £1.83 $3.65 $2.79
Extension cable 106 £2.04 $4.08 $3.12
Coffee and cake with friend 100 £1.92 $3.85 $2.94
Total 366 £7.04 $14.08 $10.76
Thursday 16th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Coffee at work space 59 £1.13 $2.27 $1.74
Beast Burger 190 £3.65 $7.31 $5.59
Snacks 40 £0.77 $1.54 $1.18
£0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Total 289 £5.56 $11.12 $8.50
Friday 17th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Kamboocha 90 £1.73 $3.46 $2.65
Salad Concept 105 £2.02 $4.04 $3.09
Water refill 10 £0.19 $0.38 $0.29
Total 205 £3.94 $7.88 $6.03
Saturday 18th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Western Brekky 70 £1.35 $2.69 $2.06
Tuk tukfor hiking 40 £0.77 $1.54 $1.18
Coffee at work space 75 £1.44 $2.88 $2.21
Vegetarian lunch 95 £1.83 $3.65 $2.79
Total 280 £5.38 $10.77 $8.24
Sunday 19th ฿ £ $AUD $USD
Gym membership for month 1450 £27.88 $55.77 $42.65
Mexcian dinner 130 £2.50 $5.00 $3.82
Chicken and rice 35 £0.67 $1.35 $1.03
Total 1615 £31.06 $62.12 $47.50
Week #3 ฿ £GBP $AUD $USD
TOTAL 4252 £80.84 $168.73 $125.06


What’s the crack generally?

I’m afraid next weeks budget will be even bigger. It will mark the two month point and I can work out some more sweet averages!

Drum roll please…. it will include a scooter. I have hired one, yesterday in fact, for the next three weeks. Facing some fears there, because the traffic here is mental… and last time I rode a motorbike I crashed it into an oil drum and hurt myself pretty bad!

But it had to happen- you really need to be able to escape the city sometimes!

I’m trying to sell my bicycle now instead, which was crazy expensive and I should have given it more thought before buying it… but there you go, standard Mel rushing in without thinking.

But holy crap, how alive did I feel again chugging around on my scooter! Do something everyday that scares you, right?

Well It’s been a while since that was the case, and I felt so invigorated after nearly dieing a few times!

Cue moronic giggling, and feeling every bit the silly little blonde farrang girl at traffic lights!

chiang mai expenses

Other good news, my shits finally stopped, for the most part. I’m inclined to actually put a lot of it down to stress if I’m being totally honest. And what do I have to be stressed about, I hear you cry? Living the dream in Thailand, as I apparently am?

Well, turns out freelancing isn’t actually that much fun. Turns out waiting for money from several different clients and wondering if you’ll make rent is kind of unsettling. Turns out forcing myself to sit still all day when I’m accustomed to mad adventures literally makes me sick.

I’m running to the toilet for something exciting to do, presumably. Because an overpriced latte and the glare of my laptop screen will only amuse me so long.

At least diarrhoea has a modicum of fight or flight humanity about it. Will she shit herself in Starbucks? Who only knows. Oh, the excitement.

And you get to use a bum gun. Yippee Ki Ay!

chiang mai expenses

On this bleak note, I have something to confess. I have written a separate post about it, and i’ll be hitting publish very soon. But the upshot is… and hands up if youre surprised (not)… turns out I’m not mad keen on life here.

Is it Chiang Mai, or is it my desk-based work? I’m not sure… regardless, I have tried to force myself into a some kind of idealised life mould, and it’s pinching me painfully in my delicate places. Yikes.

This past week has been really shitty. I’m struggling to adapt to life in the slow lane. I thought I wanted to rest and work online and stay in one place… but I’m planning my adventures again. I’m plotting my next foray into the unknown. It’s my greatest love.

I’m starting to realise it is my calling in life- to be out there amongst it all and actively exploring. I don’t sit still very well, and quite frankly I’m done fighting it.

It’s time to embrace that strength. Because it IS a strength.

chiang mai expenses

And while gazing at my navel and procrastinating like a boss,  I have had some wonderful epiphanies about where I want to take this blog and how I want it to be. I now know what I’m doing and where I’m going (not literally, bitch please). It has almost nothing to do with working online, and almost everything to do with working more wild jobs around the globe.

And helping you do the same. Four years of expertise in this area is worth something, and I’m on the cusp of OWNING IT.

So somewhere in between chronic diarrhoea, tear-inducing boredom and an empty bank account… I am one step closer to figuring out what I want, need and love in life.

And I’ll be sharing it with you guys, every step of the way. This week I’ll explain everything.

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