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kiting on cocos

Face-planting paradise: 5 ways to NOT suck at life (and kiting)

Suffice it to say, I am not gifted with athletic prowess and natural sporting ability. Nor am I gifted with patience. I learn new sports slowly, with great difficulty, carrying within me an enduring frustration that I am not as good as everyone else. I am perpetually angry at my shortcomings, cursed with an unfortunate compulsion […]

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Broome: Gateway to the goodlife

Smiling at you seductively from behind the dust of Northern WA is beautiful Broome.   Broome is heat-worn, hazy, humid, and home to a haphazard, potent mix of locals, backpackers, pearlers, miners, hippies, aboriginals, wild old outback fellas and… just about anyone you can imagine. Broome is unique, in both character and location, and she […]

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Summer in the French Alps

Being constantly broke, yet constantly chasing the thrill of a new horizon, is a very delicate balancing act. Reality consists of several different jobs and locations throughout the year, a path balancing on the precipice of financial doom. So you tiptoe precariously, and it becomes a way of life, a challenge you come to relish. […]

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