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Aloha! A new adventure

You would have thought the Jet Star rep had just announced the end of life as we know it; an enormous crisis of some abhorrent, unprecedented, universe-altering magnitude. I spooned some more Pad Thai into my mouth and watched with amusement as the chaos erupted around me. Children were crying and clutching at their mothers […]

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West Coasting

I have titled this final ‘Murrica installment aptly. By the time we got to this leg of our travels, the outer limits of my long-lingering student overdraft had been raped and pillaged. We had scraped the barrel, and were coasting indeed. But what are friends for, if not to dignify your financial ruin by allowing […]

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Bear hunting in Yellowstone

Having had our collective breath taken again and again ( four national parks in a week, lucky us!), and having roasted alive in the desert and hiked ourselves blistery, it was time for a wee rest. So we left behind the majestic, hair-raisingly epic, expanses of fiery rock and headed North, from Zion to Provo, […]

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Go West! Canyonlands, Bryce and Zion National Parks

Following three days hiking in Arches, complete with a humbling dose of mild heat stroke (leading to the surgical attachment of a grotesque hat atop my boiled-egg-head), we hit Canyonlands. Again, no awards for poetry, it is literally, a land of canyons. But what Utah lacks in lexicon (I hear Mormons are un-frivolous and to […]

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The splendour of Arches National Park

We left Colorado with a car full of clean washing and clean cooking pots, many thanks to Sarah. I had some clean knickers again too, and if theres one thing a girl needs for an adventure, its clean knickers. And so we headed out into the desert lands, West, into Utah. This leg of our journey […]

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Wide skies and open roads

The next leg of our road trip took us straight through the middle of the USA- Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado; camping, hiking and lake-swimming along the way. Cue vast expanses of open rolling beauty, deserted roads leading off into the sunset and wide blue skies arching across the horizon. Land of […]

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Sweet Tea and Humidity

Welcome to the Deep South… where ya’ll is considered an actual word and chicken wings are a food group. Delicate cultural intricacies linger in the wake of a complex racial history, but the warm hospitality will blow you away. This is a land of stopping to talk, fried foods, the blues, rocking chairs on porches […]

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Road tripping across the USA

This summer, the manship and I have hired a car and are driving across America- the ultimate road trip of well over 5,000 miles.   Frequent blogging continues to elude me, and as such I have been travelling across the States for over a month now without putting fingers to keyboard. Don’t get me wrong- […]

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