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indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving in Spain

Any high-octane endeavour necessitating that I get manhandled by a strapping young Spaniard, in a 165mph wind tunnel, is obviously awesome. Throw in the liberal use of banana terminology, a fetching jumpsuit, and the capacity to fly like a dick-head around a small glass room… and my wildest zero-gravity lunatic fantasises are realised. I am talking, of course, about indoor skydiving, […]

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Aloha! A new adventure

You would have thought the Jet Star rep had just announced the end of life as we know it; an enormous crisis of some abhorrent, unprecedented, universe-altering magnitude. I spooned some more Pad Thai into my mouth and watched with amusement as the chaos erupted around me. Children were crying and clutching at their mothers […]

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A cheeky little visa run to Bali

Do you know what excites me in life, what really pushes me over the edge? Transitions. This visa run to Bali is one such transition. Specifically, moments of blinding clarity at the airport. Where one chapter ceases to be, and another, practically simultaneously, but not altogether quite seamlessly, begins. The watershed. The final frontier. The […]

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kiting on cocos

Face-planting paradise: 5 ways to NOT suck at life (and kiting)

Suffice it to say, I am not gifted with athletic prowess and natural sporting ability. Nor am I gifted with patience. I learn new sports slowly, with great difficulty, carrying within me an enduring frustration that I am not as good as everyone else. I am perpetually angry at my shortcomings, cursed with an unfortunate compulsion […]

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