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indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving in Spain

Any high-octane endeavour necessitating that I get manhandled by a strapping young Spaniard, in a 165mph wind tunnel, is obviously awesome. Throw in the liberal use of banana terminology, a fetching jumpsuit, and the capacity to fly like a dick-head around a small glass room… and my wildest zero-gravity lunatic fantasises are realised. I am talking, of course, about indoor skydiving, […]

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Summer in the French Alps

Being constantly broke, yet constantly chasing the thrill of a new horizon, is a very delicate balancing act. Reality consists of several different jobs and locations throughout the year, a path balancing on the precipice of financial doom. So you tiptoe precariously, and it becomes a way of life, a challenge you come to relish. […]

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Mid season highs

Mid season highs

Since December, over 100 different tongues have tingled with pleasure at the presence of my food. Or, more likely, too much chalet wine. Either way… almost 3 months in… Where the time has gone literally baffles me. (more…)

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