7:30am. Get 7 thirteen year olds girls out of bed. And myself, which is the hardest bit.

8am. No singing anymore, the neighbours complained. Result.

8:10am. Breakfast. Sub-standard tea (the only time I feel distinctly patriotic). But little tubs of chocolate spread that I seem to be stealing and hoarding like a crack addict.

9:30am. Post cabin cleaning, the first acitivity begins. Snorkelling.

10:45am. Mountain biking.

11am. Climbing.

12:15. Lunch. A pizza oven! What more could one want?!

1-2pm. Cabin hour. Generalyl we sleep, play uno, make friendship bracelets or read.

2pm. Kayaking.

3:15pm. Water park. I lifeguard with Spencer on a giant inflatable in the ocean.

Or I lifeguard from a kayak. Lush.

FYI, this is waterpark…

4:30pm. I teach a digital photography glass. I kinda just lead kids around and they take pictures for an assigned task…

5:45pm. More climbing in the sun.

Or maybe a free at some point… sunbathing/sleeping/eating chocolate spread/cycling to town…. it keeps me sane…

Sometimes I just sit on the pier, wind in my hair, sun on my face, islands beyond the sparkling sea… I close my eyes and imagine I’m back in an office. Imagine Im not living on the Adriatic coast. Then I open them again, breathe in the warm sea air, and count my blessings. Always go when you wanna go.

7pm. Dinner. Same amazing variety and yummyness. And ice cream! Every night. Every freaking night. Boom!

8pm. Evening activity. Something like disco, movie, pageant, wide games, egg drop, or international night.

Andy (proper Sheffield lad) and I are always ready to represent.

I painted that. Impressive eh.

9pm. Get everyone in my cabin showered and in bed. Very very difficult. I spend an hour chasing girls around the bathroom and trying to round everyone up!

10pm. Finally, if the girls are quiet enough, im off the hook. Its a long day so I usually just go to bed too.

But sometimes we go for a swim in the moonlit sea, and there are these cool luminous plankton that float around you. Trippy. But so so cool. Other times we head to the bar for a coke (one drink gets you fired on the spot alas), or we just hang out and chat.

Unless Im on duty. And then I work till 11:30pm. Long long day.

But its all worth it. This is a job where you take the good with the bad- where you put up with the whining kids and the stressful nature of constant headcounts in thrity degree heat, just for that magical time on Sunday mornings when you whizz around the Adriatic Sea on a bannana boat, and realise ‘Im getting PAID for this’.

Just dont leave a child floating in the ocean like I did. I didint realise a child had fallen off, how bad am I. A random guy brought her back in his boat…


In other news, I can also add a broken camera to my broken blackberry. Massive FML’s. Im about to backack Europe for two and a half months, and I. Have. No. Camera.

I’m also going here today, and again I have. no. camera.


But at least Im going! I’m not in an office, I’m here, and I’m loving life.

Lots of love to all xx

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